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ruthie L. designs


"The threads of each rug we craft tell a beautiful story of integrity and humility and this is what you will find at the core of everything we do."

Ruth Lazerson

Creative Director


ruthie L. designs is a boutique textile design studio specialising in custom made rugs for interiors. With a strong focus on social responsibility as well as on exquisite craftsmanship, exceptional quality and attention to detail  we collaborate with you to craft a beautiful work of art for your floor.

Our rugs are designed by Ruth, handcrafted in either the north of India or in Nepal by skilled artisans using age old methods  and customised for you. They are handcrafted with fine quality materials like pure hand-spun wool, various sumptuous silks, cashmere, mohair, linen and nettle and are all hand-dyed using natural ingredients wherever possible. Each rug can be finished with detailed hand-carving, beautiful fringes or simply bound on all four sides.


Our custom rug design platform allows us to show you realistic design, colour and material options as well as room mock ups.  All our collections and designs are available on this platform for you to explore and customise yourself. CLICK HERE for a brief demonstration.


If you don't find what you are looking for from our collection of designs, simply provide us with some inspiration and let us know what you want and we will design something especially to suit you.

Collaborating with ruthie L. designs ensures a highly personalised and client-focused experience. Enter our sanctuary and lose yourself in the creative process  or allow us to visit you wherever you may be located. Either way we work closely with you to create and craft the perfect rug.




'Our mission is to bring beauty and harmony into the world with integrity and humility.
We take great pride in assisting and supporting our clients to bring their beautiful vision to life" 

Ruth Lazerson, Creative Director


Each and every one of our handcrafted rugs is a work of art, a true labour of love and a testimony to the artisans who craft them. Customising your rug with us will leave you in awe of the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship, quality and skill involved in creating your particular masterpiece from its earliest stages right through to being finished.


Designing and crafting a rug is a fascinating process which can take many months and requires the  different skills of many  people.




Designs are usually all started with a paintbrush, some paints or inks and some mark-making materials found in nature. From here the painting is edited in Photoshop.

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