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Any of our designs can be hand crafted to suit your specifications and budget. We craft our custom rugs using a variety of materials and techniques which means that we can work with almost all budgets. Quality is consistent across each and every rug. As all our clients know, our focus is on complete transparency so you know at the beginning of the process exactly what you are getting and how your rug is made.

ruthie L. designs rugs are designed in Australia and hand crafted with care and dedication by highly skilled artisans in the north of India and Nepal. Our weaving communities are strongly supported by us with a percentage of our profits going towards either Goodweave or Weaving Dreams to enrich and improve the lives of others.


Touching and experiencing these unique rugs, their richness and essence of timelessness will transport you back to a time when the world was much simpler and quality was common place. 


Indulge in the intricacy of the design, the glorious textures, the subtle colour combinations and the exquisite materials as your space is harmoniously transformed. Know that you have a work of art crafted by skilled hands with the utmost integrity. Know that you are giving back to the broader community and making a small difference to someone's life.

Click on CUSTOM CRAFTED RUGS below to view our collections and customise our rugs. 

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